• Mechanical Overhaul

    With the complexity of mechanical watches, manufacturers recommend having them serviced every couple of years. As with any machine with moving parts, friction will cause wear and tear over time, and special lubricants will deteriorate. At Arlington Watch Works, our certified watchmaker can perform full mechanical overhauls, ensuring your timepiece will remain healthy and precise. The process for a mechanical overhaul is as follows:

    1. Diagnostic and Estimate
    Our certified watchmaker will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your wristwatch to identify any signs of wear, deterioration, or mechanical failures. We'll then discuss our findings with you and provide an accurate estimate for the necessary repairs.

    2. Disassembly

    Every part is delicately removed, categorized, and inspected for signs of wear or damage. This includes the watches movement, casing, dial, hands, and any other internal or external components.

    3. Cleaning

    Following disassembly, each component of the watch movement is put into an ultrasonic cleaner, which uses specialized cleaning agents to remove old lubricants, dirt, and other residues.

    4. Reassembly & Lubrication

    After each component of the movement has been cleaned, we will completely reassemble the watch movement. If there were any broken or damaged parts, they will be replaced with genuine replacements from the original equipment manufacturer. Special synthetic lubrications will be applied, which will provide smooth and long lasting operation.

    5. Calibration

    We use specialized equipment to 'listen' to the watch movement, and fine-tune it to ensure that it runs according to the manufacturers' original specification.

    6. Case Reassembly

    The cleaned case will be put back together and includes resealing or replacing the gaskets to ensure proper sealing.

    7. Quality Control and Testing

    Your wristwatch will undergo rigorous quality control checks, including water resistance testing (if applicable), and a minimum of 72 hours of continuous testing to ensure it performs to its optimum capabilities.

    8. Warranty

    Our mechanical overhaul comes with a one-year warranty, covering any work done during the service. We stand behind our craftsmanship and are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction.*Note that not all watches will be able to be repaired, and vintage watches may not adhere to the original specifications.

  • Battery Replacement

    Battery replacements are one of the most common services we do, as they need to be changed every 1-3 years. Battery changes can usually be performed same-day, given that the watch arrives to our service location within operating hours.The process for the battery change is as follows:

    1. Professional Evaluation

    Our trained technicians will assess your wristwatch to determine the correct battery type and ensure that no other underlying issues are affecting its performance such as corrosion or mechanical damage.

    2. Battery Replacement

    We utilize only top-quality, swiss batteries that comply with your watch manufacturer's specifications. If possible we may clean the battery contacts and terminal to remove corrosion or debris.

    3. Gasket Sealing or Replacement

    Ensuring that the water resistance of your watch remains intact is a critical aspect of our service. We'll relubricate or replace the case back seals if necessary to maintain the original water resistance rating of your timepiece.

    4. Time and Date Adjustment

    After replacing the battery, our technicians will set the time and date to your specified timezone, so your watch is ready to wear right away.

    5. Quality Assurance

    Your wristwatch will undergo a series of quality checks to confirm that the battery replacement has been carried out successfully and that all other functions are working as they should.

    6. Warranty

    Our battery replacement service comes with a one-year warranty, covering the battery and the work performed during the replacement.*Note that corrosion or mechanical damage may render the movement unfixable. It is recommended to replace the battery as soon as possible when needed.

  • Minor Service

    Whether you need a bracelet adjustment, have a broken crystal, or have any other need we're more happy to assist you with any other repairs that don't fall under a full overhaul or battery replacement. Please contact us below to enquire!

Omega Certified

We are proud to be a certified repair center for Swatch group brands such as Omega, Rado, Longines, Hamilton, Tissot, and more.