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Ming 27.02

Ming 27.02

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Ming is a small brand founded in 2017 in Malaysia, and falls somewhere in-between a microbrand and an independent watchmaker. With all of their watches being limited editions and selling out within minutes, Ming has made a name for itself for its futuristic and unique designs.

This is the Ming 27.02, the final watch they made for the 27 series watch and thus they did not hold back with this one. Containing a heavily modified Peseaux 7001, modified by their partners Schwartz-Etienne, this ultra-thin watch comes in at an astounding 6.9mm in thickness. Paired with a slim 38mm case, this watch wears like a dream on any wrist. 

Ming likes to play with dial materials, with a lot of the 27 series having brass dials. The 02 however, has a sapphire dial. With deep blue and black hues revealing itself in the center of the dial, looking towards the other ring of the watch reveals a subtle but stunning clous-de-Paris stamped guilloché pattern that slowly fades into the sapphire dial.

This incredible watch is paired to an equally great handmade leather strap from Jean Rousseau. The smooth blue-gray strap compliments the watch without distracting you with detail, and features curved spring bars that connect it perfectly to the case of the watch.

This example is completely unworn, and comes as a full set. With the small run of 200 pieces, this exceptional watch is a great collectors piece and is ready to shine in any collection.

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